Wasting away in your own imagination is trending down. Dig into your awesomeness and strategize for greatness.

The Enemy

The challenge is not your enemy.

Often, we avoid difficult situations because we wish to avoid feelings of insecurity and uncertainty.

We firmly place ourselves in the throws of comfort which makes each day easier and easier.

I remember the times when I stopped exercising and placed a hiatus on achieving greater and greater goals. I was avoiding my greatest challenge and choosing lesser passions for safety, comfort, and assured direction.

This was the enemy. Choosing less, choosing comfort, choosing the moderate difficulty setting. Don’t quit your day job or spontaneously retreat to a remote cabin.

Challenge yourself. Raise the stakes of your workouts. Get back into the gym or develop a personal workout routine. Study yoga and deepen your experience by truly seeking enlightenment with your practice. Get that business going and offer so much value you hit the Forbes list in a few years. Work on that bestseller and don’t quit until the manuscript is ready.

The day is yours. Hit the the ground running. Transcending the challenge is the reward.

Your Pathway

Too often we chase trends and popularity to hack our way to success when we need to engage in honest work that will stand the test of time.

Do what makes you remarkable rather than mundane.  Offer your best as and impress each of your clients with your honesty, integrity, and brilliance and solve problems and provide your best work.

You are the gatekeeper. Own your steps and stay on the path to success.

Let’s Go!

Another day, another opportunity to put together a championship effort to make your dreams and your vision a reality.

Stay focused. Stick to the work. Achieve the impossible!

Increased Value

Your purpose is your power. Your passion is your strength.

Deepen your connection with the people you serve to build your movement with mechanisms deeper than materials.

The matter of your dreams and the substance of your vision is the value you build between you and the lives of others.

Your Commitment, Your Standards

Don’t lose touch with the tenacious spirit that set you on the course to your best. Get invigorated and embrace the steps that led you out of the place you once occupied.

If tenacity and persistence got you out of your darkest times. Think of the gains your newly invigorated, well-resourced, persistence will help you bring into existence for you and your loved ones.

You’re awesome. Keep up the good work!

A Better Place

The frenzy we can work ourselves into by spreading our resources thinner and thinner to achieve a better profit can be an exciting proposition.

We trade quality for quantity and metrics drive us in a race to same and similar to meet the easiest standard, more.

We probably began our journey, because we wanted to be unique. We desired something different, and we were looking for a change to the norm.

Your goals, right now, should be no different. You just have to remember the difficult goal that spurred you to begin in the first place, and you will stumble upon the remarkable aspects of your journey to achieve your best each day.

I bet you didn’t start because it would be easy. You wanted to be different, remarkable, you wanted to add value and make the world a better place.

A Celebration

Happy Friday!

Triumph is everything.

Take sometime to have an anniversary with yourself. Look back. Celebrate your accomplishments, and take an inventory of your status.

Reflect. Decide if you’re headed in the right direction. Better yet, consider the steps that lead you to the current place. Is this where you want to be?

Don’t fall victim to vanity benchmarks. Shares and likes are cool, but focus on the value you provide to others and your favorite people. That’s how you make a difference.

After considering everything, above. Remember, your talents are your best investment. Focus on your amazing work, and CELEBRATE! It’s FRIDAY!

Your Very Best

Your daily drive to success is your most important story.

Seek the strength of consistency and grow in your resolve for greatness.

Grow with the community that supports you and provide value to those that invest in you.

Continue to focus on your goals and the steps you need to accomplish them.

Growth is a daily process. Continue working through the trials to accomplish your ver best.