Focus on your Greatest Achievement

There is an unmatched abundance of energy in your heart. You can use it to make great things. You can use it change the world. You can use it to change your world.

Learn to hear the world inside you before you set out to help everyone else.

Seek the deepest depths of your intellect, and strive to understand yourself first.

Your goals, your ideas, everything you’re working on will come together once you’ve mastered the world inside you.

Waiting for the Wrong Cues

Too often we wait on the wrong signals for permission to accomplish our goals.

You may have your heart set on helping someone or you may be waiting for the perfect time to start your next big achievement.

A dream does not need permission. Setting a goal and achieving it, will not come with fanfare and applause.

Do the work because you are compelled to change the world. There are better ways to achieve fame and notoriety.

Managing your Imagination

Manage your energy and not your time. Write coherent thoughts. Then envision your conclusions in an all new way by removing all boundaries from your work.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Imagine every possibility and build it with your art and effort to make beauty in all that you do.

You can make universes with your mind, and each choice for your characters and your world makes a new plane of existence.

Love your steps and keep making the world beautiful.

Make the World Better

Write hope with all that you do, and discover yourself in the art and honesty that your create with your work and actions.

Create something beautiful. Share a dream or a vision that makes the world better.


Challenges and Deviations

Challenges¬† are most abundant when you’re working on the right things.

Work to understand why your challenges occur and search the experience for transcendence as you work to keep the difficulty from reoccurring.

Confront the circumstances that lead to hurdles and dismantle any part of your routine that gets in the way of your progress.

Love yourself and embrace your steps to greatness.

Setting the Pace

Set the pace for your work. Calendars are your friend. A page a day, a chapter a week, a story per month, a novel every two years.

Wrestling with your imagination won’t bring the pages, the art, to life. The work, the consistency, the time you put in everyday will make the difference.